Help / FAQ

1. Radio station does not work

Check if you have appropriate programming installed on your computer, internet radio stations most often use audio stream formats to transmit data which are read by:
1. Windows Media Player
2. Real Player
3. Winamp

For Windows users we recommend installing Winamp, RealPlayer.

For Mac users we recommend installing Quicktime.

For Linuxa users we recommend installing Freeamp.

2. Radio link dost not switch on - bad URL

If the internet address is incorrect, internet radio does not broadcast in specific hours or the link is outdated. Next to each link there is an icon Link does not work? Click here to notify us... to notify us about incorrect link.

3. I can’t find radio station I want...

We have almost 3000 radio stations in our service and we add new ones constantly. If you know the radio station, which is not present in our service notify us through the application form. Add new radio station.

Stations by Country (Top 20)
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